Don’t kill my apps

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful, but the battery capacity is lagging behind. Vendors are always trying to squeeze some battery saving features into the firmware with each new Android release.

But some go so far that they break useful apps just to artificially claim more battery life. This even gets so absurd that with some vendors (e.g. Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung or Huawei) our smartphones are becoming dumbphones again.”

Our mission | Don’t kill my app! (

Here are some tips for Dump1090 to prevent that.

If you want to use the export feature, just set Dump1090 to background and turn off your screen.
Since Android 6 – Google introduces a battery optimisation policy.

When you start Dump1090 you will see two notifications that the driver (RTL-SDR Driver) and Dump1090 are running – this is Google’s policy to inform the user that an APP is still running in the background.

Unfortunately, some tablet/phone manufacturers have very strict battery saving policies that even break Android specifications. For example, they simply kill an app that is not running in the visible foreground after x minutes.

more info’s and tips you can find here Don’t kill my app! | Hey Android vendors, don’t kill my app! (

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